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E-mail authentication

No password is required for registration, and only the e-mail address is the authentication method. The e-mail address must be authenticated when changing the device.

The most important thing to avoid the inability to access your account is to have the latest correct e-mail address. Please make sure that the e-mail address registered in your account is up-to-date.

Unfortunately, if you don't have access to the account's e-mail address, we are unable to continue troubleshooting. While we understand that it can be disappointing when you lose access to an account, we use these authentication requirements to make sure we don't give out any user information to the wrong person.


When logging in, you will be asked to enter an authentication code that will be sent to your registered e-mail address.


The username can be decided freely and can be changed at any time from the setting screen.

Account delete

You can delete your account in the account settings. If deleted, the account information and all posted data will be deleted. Please note that you cannot recover your account if you accidentally delete it or delete it incorrectly.

Account auto delete

Due to the nature of services that require an ongoing approach, accounts with 365 days since last access will be automatically deleted. If it is time to work on habit building, we are always waiting for a new challenge.