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Create rules

Let's create rules based on what you want to build habits. Please note that the record type can be checked or numerical, but it cannot be changed later.

Post pictures and memos

If you act on a rule, record it as a check or a number. If you can't, record it skipping. You can also post pictures and memos as information accompanying the record.

Tag usage

Tags (# marks) are used to classify rules. You can use this feature to find rules or follow the tag itself.

Calendar usage

You can check the input status of the entire rule from the calendar at the top right of the home screen, and check the achievement status of the goal from the calendar for each rule.

Chart usage

You can display a chart for each rule. In addition to seeing progress by day (numeric type only), weekly, and monthly, you can also set the display period.

Post to social media

Calendars and charts for each of your own rules can generate customizable images for posting to social media.


You can easily check related information in the feed by following the person or tag you like and subscribing to the rule.

Like, Claps

You can like rules and people and use them as bookmarks, or clap for the records as a small communication.Clapping for the records will notify the author that someone applauded, but will not know who has applauded.

Follow, Subscribe

If you follow a tag or subscribe to a rule, the related records will appear in the feed. When you follow a person, their activity (other than recording) will appear in your feed.


Muting an account will disappear from your feed. The account you mute does not know that you have muted. If you want to mute an account, go to the profile page of the person you wish to mute, tap the icon at the top right, select Mute from the options listed.