Handling of Personal Information

We understand the importance of personal information you provide, and will handle it safely with the policy below;

【Purpose of use】

  1. To answer if you contact us for your inquiries.

【About provision to third-party】

We will not provide your personal information to a third party without your consent, except as provided by law.


We consignment part of our business which include handling your personal information to our business partner company that has concluded a confidentiality agreement on personal information, in order to provide better services to the customers.

【Free will】

You have a option whether you submit your personal information or not. If you do not want us to use your information and do not submit your personal information, we may not offer you any services.

【Request about disclosure】

For further information on the handling of your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy. If you have any requests or inquiries regarding personal information disclosure, amendment (addition or deletion), suspension of use, and notification regarding purpose of use, as well as any complaints or consultations, please e-mail us to privacy-admin@iid.co.jp.