Build good habits with myRule

A Social, Habit Building App

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myRule makes you better

myRule is a social, habit building app. Follow your own rules and build good habits.

No password is required for registration, and e-mail address registration is optional. This app is free so you can get started easily.

Rules are essential to your habits

When building habits, it is said that if you follow certain rules, such as “When, Where, and How to act” “If-Then Planning” the probability of success increases.

How to use
Create rules
Example: check type
  •   Write a blog first in the morning
  •   Do not eat sweets on weekdays
  •   Have dinner by 9pm
Example: numeric type
  •   Run at night on sunny days(km)
  •   Memorize English words in the bath(words)
  •   Read a book before going to bed(books)
Set goals(optional)
Example: daily, weekly, monthly
  •   Do not eat sweets on weekdays…5days/week
  •   Run at night on sunny days…5km/day
  •   Memorize English words in the bath…100words/month
Look back
Using Visuals
  • Check the input status in the calendar
  • Track progress with charts
  • Look back at pictures and notes
  • Post calendar and chart images to social media

A very simple social element will boost your efforts.


There is no comment or direct message function. If you don't want to share a rule, you can make it private.

No comment
No direct message
Public or Private rules
More features

myRule has features that help you build habits, yet it's simple.

Set goals and keep track of progress with calendars and charts.
Check the achievement status of each rule and the overall input status.
Progress is displayed as a charts. It also generates images for social media.
You can sort your rules freely.
Input types
Record with check or numerical value. Numeric values can include units.
Pictures and notes
Supports recording of pictures and memos as notes.
You can classify and follow rules with tags.
Set URL links as reference information for rules.
Archive unused rules. It can be resumed.
Search for rules, users, and tags. As a trigger for connection.
Watch the information you follow and subscribe. Let's encourage.
Notify you of actions in your rules and records.
Let's start myRule

myRule can be used not only to build habits, but also to record things that are often forgotten, such as things to do, tasks, routines, and life logs.

To you who want to improve yourself and build habits for the ideal. For those who do not know what to do on their own and want to build habits by referring to the actions of others.

Let's begin building habits with us!

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